You may have had the traumatic experience of a hard drive or computer crashing, or even worse, being stolen, with no way to Data Recovery Services. In a few minutes, a whole digital life disappears. Important documents, family photos, audio library or video library, an accidental cleaning by vacuum is hell to manage.

More prosaically, you may be a bit cramped in your laptop’s hard drive and an Data Recovery Services external drive will allow you to take your ease. If you are a high school student, student or student, an external drive is ideal for storing your lessons and homework. 

We think in particular of the precious memory, which it would be a shame to lose after months of work… With the start of the new school year approaching, think about equipping yourself so as not to be taken aback!

Like the rest of electronic products, HDDs and SSDs have not escaped price increases in 2020 and 2021. Fortunately, prices are now normalizing.

An external hard drive, which offers more storage capacity than Twitter a USB key or microSD card , whether platter or SSD, is therefore the ideal companion for your computer. But which external hard drive to choose? We take stock for you.

It’s space-saving and lightweight, and because it’s an SSD, it’s also rugged. So you can leave it on your desk and plug it in when you need it, or take it to the office or on vacation.

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