There are several kinds of backups in real life, which are designed to get us out of various critical situations: the spare wheel in the trunk or the extra pegs in a tent, for example.

Backups are used in different ways: if the extra sardine will not change your life, a backup of your company Data Recovery Services, on the other hand, could well save it.

Now let’s see why, if you haven’t already done so, you should immediately implement a backup policy for your Data Recovery Services.

People are not infallible. Emails containing viruses are accidentally opened every day. Not to mention important files that can be accidentally deleted.

You’d probably sleep better knowing that an image of your disks is waiting to be called upon to restore your data to a point before the dumpling.

As the use of laptops, smartphones and tablets continues to grow, so does the amount of Data Recovery Services created and stored in these devices. We can also mention, of course, the advent of the Internet of Things worldwide which leads to an increase in the volume of Facebook data on terminals.

While financial losses can be calculated, it is difficult to quantify the true consequences of data loss. The loss of reputation is often catastrophic. Indeed, and we understand them, consumers are turning away from brands that have been exposed to this kind of problem. Damage to the reputation of companies that do not protect their personal data can result in a sudden loss of business.

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