You risk aggravating the damage by trying to fix errors yourself after data loss. If you suspect that your data is lost, please follow these recommendations for Data Recovery Services :

– If your hard drive makes ticking noises, strange noises or a burning smell, immediately turn off your computer and do not restart it! Otherwise, you risk physically damaging the disk even more and reducing the volume of recoverable Data Recovery Services later.

– If your drive is still working, do not reinstall or install software, you may overwrite existing data.

– Do not try to open your hard disk in order to repair it yourself. You risk contaminating the surface of the platters and making  the recovery of your data  more difficult or even impossible. This operation must be carried out by professionals in a clean room.

Do not use automatic Twitter data recovery software, they are reserved for specific failures and can in some cases reduce the chances of  recovering your data .

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