One of the best ways to Data Recovery Services from a dead phone is to use a backup. If you have created a backup of all your essential data before it died, you can recover them.

You should always create a backup on an external device. This is because when unexpected things happen on your Android device, you cannot turn it on or see if the data is left behind or deleted.

When you have no backup of your Android Data Recovery Services and if your phone becomes dead then you need to use third party software which can help you out of this situation. Android data extraction software is one of the best software for Android which can help you recover all your data from dead phone.

This software is capable of restoring all lost data from your Android device. This software can recover data from water damaged Android phone, recover data from BSOD error, restore data from WSOD error, etc.

Whatever data stored on your device such as contacts, photos, videos, text messages, music files, documents, WhatsApp messages, etc.

In this window, you can select the type of data to restore. By default, all data types are selected. Click ‘Next to continue. Note: This option only extracts existing Twitter data on the broken Android phone.

From the available fault types, choose the one that suits your situation, i.e. Touch not working or cannot access the phone, and Black/broken screen. Click on the one you have, it will then take you to the next window.

Double confirm that you have selected the correct device name and device model. If you provide wrong information then it may lead to problem with your phone or other error. If all information is correct, enter “Confirm” and click the confirmation button to continue.

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