Sometimes important Data Recovery may be accidentally erased or lost due to a virus attack . Files can be lost due to two types of damage: on the one hand, physical damage such as dropping the device, overheating or water damage. On the other hand, logical damage like file corruption, human error or virus attack. You might think it’s irreversible, but it’s actually possible to recover any type of . 

Here you will see how to Data Recovery from Seagate external hard drive . The best way to fix data lossis to call in a professional. Physical damage and mechanical breakdowns must be resolved by a professional. He will know how to find the right method and choose the right tools for each situation, which will maximize the chances of recovering deleted files. 

How to use recovery software?

To recover your data , it is possible to use recovery software. These tools are used to find lost, formatted or deleted files. We can take FonePaw or Remo Seagate software as an example. To use it, you must first connect your Seagate hard drive and ensure that it is recognized by the computer. If it isn’t, there are free methods built right into the operating system that can fix this problem.

Once the Seagate storage device is connected, it should appear under the “removable drives” section. Here’s how:

  • You must then select the hard drive and click on “Analyze”. The scan may take some time. 
  • When the scan finds the files from the device, you need to click select the files and click “recover”. 
  • It is possible to use the “filter” function to locate specific files.
Data Recovery

How to use the CHKDSK function?

There are also other methods such as the built-in Windows CHKDSK function or File History. Running CHKDSK is a utility that is used to repair minor problems in hard drives . It is only usable in the event that a device is unrecognized or inaccessible and can be a first step in file recovery. To do this, just follow these very simple steps:

  • Open the “Start” menu and type cmd
  • Right click on cmd.exe then click on “Run as administrator” 
  • Type chkdsk: [name of drive to repair]: /f then hit Enter

After doing the data recovery, the computer should be restarted. This method may not work, but it is worth trying it out eventually since it is free and relatively simple to perform.

How to install the hard disk driver?

It is also possible to recover Twitter data by installing the Seagate hard drive driver. This can be useful if the computer does not recognize the Seagate hard drive. Here’s how:

  • Right click on “Computer”
  • Click on the “Manage” button then “Device Manager”
  • Double-click on “disk drives” and select the name of the Seagate external hard drive with a right click 
  • Select “uninstall device” 
  • Unplug the device and restart the computer
  • Reconnect the hard drive

Once these manipulations have been carried out, the hard drive should be recognized.

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