If your hard drive is suddenly not detect by your computer. It might be some connection problem on your computer. Here are some tips for repairing or trouble shooting. If your HDD is suddenly not detect by the computer. There are also some tips for Data Recovery if your HDD is suddenly not detect by your computer.

First, let’s talk about why the HDD can’t be detect by our computer. There are so many factors that can be cause by age, usage and also environmental problems. The average hard disk age is 2-3 years. Of course, we can’t use it for the rest of our lives. 

Usage also affects the condition of the HDD damage. For example, overheating or usage time is too long. From an environmental point of view, it is the temperature and humidity of the air on our computer. Because HDD electronic goods, it is very easy for oxidation to occur which makes our hard drive undetectable.

Data Recovery

So if we have a hard disk problem and how do we fix it / trouble shooting. There are some tips that can be done if your hard drive is not detected :

  1. Make sure the hard drive is in the on position : Sometimes our computer’s power supply is not enough to lift our hard drive to function normally. Try checking your hdd whether it’s on or not. If not then there is a possibility that your power supply is weak. Try replacing a new power supply, then test again

  1. Connection cable on the hard drive : Cable plays an important role for our hdd connection to the computer. Where as the r/w signal bridge from the hdd to the computer and vice versa. If the cable is problematic then of course the hdd cannot be detected as well. Try changing the cable

  1. Check the hard drive is spinning or not : Hard disk is a moving component. Hard disk must spin to function read / write data. Sometimes there is a problem in the internal components of the hdd. If your hard drive is not spinning there is a possibility of an internal physical HDD problem. If so then you have to find the right Facebook data recovery place for you

  1. Incompatible computer system : Check your hdd in the bios not when you enter the operating system. Because not all operating systems support the contents of the file system on your hdd. If it is not compatible then your HDD will not be detected by the computer.

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