Mac or PC: What is Right for Your Business? This is a difficult question for any technology expert. Choosing computers for the whole team in an organization especially where each person has strong personal opinions can be challenging. Giving options to each employee to determine which category of the machine can be costly to any business. If you are hunting on which business desktops and laptops to purchase; either Mac or PC, here is an exclusive guide for proper decision making:

Handling Mac and PC workers preference

The main difference between PC and Mac is the operating systems. The keyboard shortcuts are different, and the interfaces and menus are not set up the same. Many PCs have different designs from machine to machine while Mac maintains its consistency and has high-end appeal for high end experienced persons. You can convince them with high-end PC like Microsoft Surface Pro, or HP Elite Book if your employees prefer Mac because of look and feel.


Cost is often the decision maker for many businesses. Macs are expensive. MacBook Pro costs between $1300 and $ 2000. PC of same specifications ranges from $700 to $900. However, Macs are ranked highly due to high reliability and quality. There are high chances that you have to upgrade PCS regularly. Macs last longer than PCs, but you will not get significant savings in other areas.

Easy for use

Despite the price pushing towards the PCs side, the user’s experience should also be considered. Apple products are enjoyable and simple to use. They are very productive and confident because it does not crumble easily. However, for starters, they require a bit of training before they start using it.


Malware and viruses are widespread in PCs especially Microsoft Windows-based. Online hackers target them because they are many Pcs in the market. They are minimal viruses in Macs but while they are growing many popular risks might follow.

• Image

The decision on whether to purchase a PC or Mac may also focus on the image. PCs are widespread use and is considered general industry standard than Macs.

Generally, Pcs are cheap, more familiar with the employees. Easy to manage on any network and are made from standard components. However, they are prone to virus and malware infections. Macs are expensive, very easy to use and to adjust. It is built and designed well. It is free from malware and virus infection.

Investing in a Mac or Pc in your business does not matter. The truth is whether you decide to purchase Mac or PC always start to use cloud-based applications. As long as you have stable internet connectivity and a web browser, you can quickly log in and get your job done. The choice of hardware is becoming less relevant. There are many ways that you can use both PCs and Macs in the same office without creating problems like in the past. There are means by which you can make Mac and PC talk in the similar network by connecting wirelessly.

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